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Brass Compasses

Domed Compass Paperweight
3 - 4 Weeks
Brand: Nauticalia Model: N4624
Antique-fi nished brass case, parchment-style compass card and protective domed glass top together make the perfect chart table compass and paperweight.Diameter 8cmweight 250g...
Brand: Nauticalia Model: N4566
This is a basic, lidded, dry needle compass, in the style of those that preceded modern liquid-fi lled versions. There is a lever to stop the needle swinging, so that a bearing can be read more easily. It is all brass (apart from the needle!), and is suitable for engraving on top.Diameter 8cm..
Cutty Sark Tribute Compass
Out Of Stock
Brand: Nauticalia Model: N4623
Named in tribute to the world famous clipper Cutty Sark, this antique-finish brass compass has an engraving of the globe on the underside centering particularly on Australia, destination for Cutty Sark on many occasions to bring wool and other cargo back to England.In December 1883, Cutty Sark broke..
Brand: Nauticalia Model: N7284
Within this hardwood box nests a simple dry-card compass in a ‘riveted’ brass housing.Functional, but not suitable for serious navigation.Box measures 7x7x4cm..
Brand: Nauticalia Model: N5737
Brass compass engraved with Robert Frost’s poem "The Road Not Taken".Supplied with leather case.Diameter 8cm...
Brand: Nauticalia Model: N7281
Simple, functional (but not suitable for serious navigation), compass in polished brass, with a leather case.Diameter 7cm...
Brand: Nauticalia Model: N4567
A smart little dry card compass in a brass case, housed in a fine rosewood box with lid.Diameter 8cm, height 3cm...
Brand: Nauticalia Model: N4531
Dry needle brass compass in a pocket watch-style brass case, supplied in a polished hardwood box.Diameter of compass 5cm, length of chain measures 8x8x4cm...
Brand: Nauticalia Model: N4551
This simple but elegant card compass is mounted in a polished brass case.Diameter 5cm, supplied in black velveteen bagAlthough it works, it is not intended for serious navigation...
Brand: Nauticalia Model: N2894
Within this polished mahogany-stained wooden boxes sits a miniature porthole-style dry-card compass. Mahogany-stained box measures 3x3"...
Brand: Nauticalia Model: N2897
Within this polished mahogany-stained wooden boxes sits a quartz clock.Mahogany-stained box measures 3x3"...
Brand: Nauticalia Model: N2898
Porthole style clock set in mahogany-stained blocks with military-style corners.Instrument and corners are gold-plated.Measures 3"x3"...
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