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  • Silva 58 Star - Bracket Mount Compass - White
    Multipurpose compass which is optimal for smaller powerboats, cars and other vehicles. The unique built in compensator handles ever large errors (up to 40°). Equipped with illumination and a bracket that allows for mounting on any surface. Available in White or black. Features Card Gr..
  • Silva 70NBC - Bracket Mount Compass
    The 70 series front and top reading compasses have one main yellow lubber line that allows easy and safe reading at a glance. Apparent scale size of 70mm. 70NBC Bracket Mount Compass The 70NBC with adjustable illumination in the protection cover. The solid bracket permits various mounting alternati..
  • Silva 85 Regatta - Flush Mount Compass
    The Silva 85 Regatta compass is designed for small and fast dinghies where speed and accuracy are paramount. It is a deck mounted compass, so no need to make big holes in your deck, and most commonly you would see two 85 compasses set up together, one on each rail. The Silva 85 Regatta Compass..
  • Silva 85E - Flush Mount Illuminated Compass (White/Black)
    The 85 is a very stable compass, flush mounted with a flat bottom. No need for drilling large holes. The 85 model also has a memory ring for setting a desired course. The construction of the compass card makes the 85 very well dampened and suitable for high speed and rough conditions. Fea..
  • Silva 100P - Bulkhead Mount Compass
    The 100 series front and top reading compasses have 3 yellow lubber lines and an apparent scale size of 100mm. The two side view lubber lines at 45° offset allow easy reading and also allow for mounting the compass to one side of the steering position. The 100P is a bulkhead mounted front read..
  • Silva 100NBC/FBC - Bracket/Flush Mount Compass
    The 100NBC/FBC with a solid bracket and flush mounting flange permits various mounting alternatives, even on the headlining. Adjustable illumination in the protection cover. The NBC/FBC model has a built in compensator Features Card Graduations: 5.0 Degrees Compensators: Integral B..