Depth Sounders

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  • Norcross Hawkeye Portable Depth Sounder
    Handheld depth sounder, fish finder and temperature gauge in one. The Norcross 2200PX is the most versatile handheld depth sounder ever produced. Not only will it give you instant depth readings, from 70cm to 61m in 10cm precision but at the press of a button the display will give real-time temperat..
  • Platimo Echotest II - Handheld Depth Sounder
    Small handheld depth sounder, of extremely simple operation, particularly intented for pneumatic or dinghy sailors. Equally useful to scubadivers: it gives depth indication relative to the bottom, distance to a rock or to an underwater quay.Totally waterproof, the Echotest II sounds up to 80 metres,..
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