Miniature Portable Dollond Sundial

Miniature Portable Dollond Sundial

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Inspired by a design from the 18th century instrument maker Peter Dollond, founder of a great optical empire. The original is in the London Science Museum. The gnomon, which casts the shadow, can be set for latitude on a sliding scale; and the whole instrument oriented in the meridian by means of a magnetic compass in the base. A spirit level and height-adjustable legs ensure that the instrument is used upright.

Supplied in a box measuring 10cm square, 6cm tall.

Our range of miniature sundials are completely self-contained portable instruments, inspired by originals now found in Maritime and Science museums the world over. Instruments like these were once used by explorers and navigators to tell the time anywhere in the world. These brass replicas retain most of the original detail features and functioning parts, but are not intended for serious use.