Silva 125FTC - Pacific Flush Mount Compass

Silva 125FTC - Pacific Flush Mount Compass

Manufacturer: Silva Marine

Product Code: 37195-0011
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The 125FTC is a flush mounted compass with an apparent scale size of 125mm and a gimballed cradle.

This model has a built-in compensator.

Designed for those yachtsmen that demand an absolutely accurate and steady card in all conditions, whatever the angle of heel. An extended centre needle eliminates parallax errors and the gimballed yellow lubber lines stay vertical even when exposed to rough seas. Compensator is standard. It is also possible to add a heeling compensator.

  • Card Graduations: 5.0 Degrees
  • Compensators: Integral
  • Back lighting: 12 Volt Dc
  • Body colour: Black
  • Card colour: Black
  • Card style: Flat
  • Card size: 125mm
  • 5 Years Warranty

  • Height: 86mm
  • Width: 163mm
  • Panel Hole: 124mm
  • Depth below Panel: 80mm